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Stephanie Omens is a lover of Bold and Vibrant accessories and everything colorful. She was born in Nigeria where her passion for fashion began. "It all started when i began attending arts and crafts workshops while i was out of school during the holidays , I picked jewelry making because it was fun and I was able to experiment with different materials and get creative........ While I was back home I noticed most Nigerian women don't dress up without throwing on some bold accessories, they make sure everything matches and they are not scared to play around with colors and this really influenced me to create unique bold statement pieces that makes a woman feel sexy and confident.." 

In 2014, She launched her Jewelry Line, Stephanie BIJOUX. A unique collection of jewelry inspired by her Cultural background which inspires women to stand out and Live colorfully. Each piece of jewelry is handmade and has a unique story to tell . Stephanie's unique designs has been featured in many established magazine publications such as Elements Magazine, Huffington Post, Estella Magazine, Elegant Magazine, and Salyse Magazine just to name a few. 

" I See my Jewelry as Wearable Art, I believe the jewelry one wears should make a statement about who they are and what they value"

- Stephanie Omens